What are we thankful for? Karolinka is doing fantastically well after SDR surgery

KarolinkaOur Success Story – Karolinka is doing fantastically well and shows significant signs of recovery – “she is much better equipped to handle life on her own!”– says mom.

Karolinka, 4 years old, underwent an SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy) surgery in St. Luis Children’s Hospital earlier this year while staying at the Gift from The Heart Foundation’s House in Schiller Park during her February / March 2010 treatment.

As of today, Karolika is much more comfortable waking and has the abilities she didn’t posses before the surgery – such as stop and go… something we take for granted. Mom and dad are cheering at every sign of progress – standing on Karolika’s toes has been the latest success. “I have hope when I look at her old videos I can’t believe the difference the surgery has made –and there is so much more potential” says mom. Karolinka is very independent – she wants to do everything herself and as of September this year, she is attending kindergarten – “I am so proud of her” Mom adds.

Thank you to you – the Gift from the Heart Foundation supporters – you have helped quip Karolinka for life! Check out the impact you have made