Radiothon 2015

These were very happy two days at WNVR 1030AM radio station. Total pledges added up to a total of $220,100. All time record! Thank you all for participating, for making it possible that children who are waiting for our help will get it.

P1050537 P1050538 P1050540 P1050541 P1050542 P1050544 P1050547 P1050548 P1050550 P1050551 P1050552 P1050553 P1050555 P1050556 P1050557 P1050561 P1050564 P1050565 P1050566 P1050567 P1050571 P1050575 P1050576 P1050579 P1050580 P1050583 P1050584 P1050585 P1050588 P1050589 P1050590 P1050592 P1050593 P1050594 P1050596 P1050597 P1050598 P1050599 P1050601 P1050603 P1050604 P1050605 P1050606 P1050607 P1050608 P1050610 P1050612 P1050613 P1050614 P1050617 P1050618 P1050619 P1050620 P1050621 P1050623 P1050625 P1050627 P1050628 P1050629 P1050630 P1050633 P1050634 P1050635 P1050636 P1050638 P1050640 P1050642 P1050643 P1050644 P1050645 P1050649 P1050650
phone-001 You can still use text messaging system to donate:  To 80077 text HEART, confirm and $10 donation will be on its way to help children in need. Thank you in advance!