Santa’s visit

Santa was very busy with our kids last Friday & Saturday . Two amazing nights that left all the children in awe and excited. Music, games, dances, Wici’s show, snacks & sweets and lots of presents, these were attributes of this year’s parties for kids. Highlander Riders once again proved how they care about our children: starting with the best Santa’s sled and reindeers arrival ever, through most delicious pizza & sweets and ending with loads of presents, they outdone themselves again. Pictures show it best (more photos at the bottom of the Home page): IMG_9614 IMG_9643 IMG_9635 IMG_9656  IMG_9682 IMG_9707 P1040376 P1040386 IMG_9659 IMG_9674 IMG_9676 IMG_9677 IMG_9684 IMG_9692 - Version 2 IMG_9693 IMG_9699 IMG_9705 IMG_9697 IMG_9699 IMG_9718 IMG_9723 IMG_9732 IMG_9748 IMG_9756 IMG_9767 P1040447 P1040440 DSCN1592 DSCN1613 DSCN1622 DSCN1627 DSCN1642 DSCN1644 DSCN1649 DSCN1652