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Mom, please don’t cry

Dawidek - Children's Hospital in St. Louis, MO“ This diary is dedicated to my son and to the staff and

   volunteers of the Gift from the Heart Foundation,

                                  with love”

David is in the operating room. I still can hear him saying “Mom, please don’t cry” and see his smiling face. “Sure thing I won’t cry”, I told him. It is pretty amusing that this 8 year-old young man, my son, is giving me the courage and strength to stay calm during these difficult hours when the surgery will be performed. Those few words and his beautiful smile assure me that everything is going to be OK. Thank you David. I love you so much. It was all news to me when I found out that there is hope for children with cerebral palsy; that in America they have a treatments available to improve their conditions; treatments that were not available to my son for 8 long years in Poland. I couldn’t believe our luck when David was accepted for the surgery. As scary as it was for us to arrive in America where we don’t know anybody and cannot communicate in English, it was equally wonderful to know that there’s Gift from the Heart Foundation that will take care of  us that from now on  we won’t be  alone and scared.