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Children in 2017

Emilka, Agatka, Haneczka, Jagodka i Lenka - male zdjecie  Group of children that are staying with us at the present time

Tomus Cieciorko w trakcie leczenia (1) Tomus Cieciorko w trakcie leczenia (2)  Tomasz is 3 years old and afflicted with retinoblastoma, a cancer of the eye that occurs in children. But, thanks to Dr. David Abramson and the amazing surgical staff at the Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Westchester, NY, Tomasz is now cancer free. Dr. Abramson performed an enucleation; completely removing Tomasz’s right eye and any surrounding cancer cells. He has to return to the US every three months for check-ups and rehabilitation, including adjustments and replacements of his prosthetic eye as he grows

Emilka z lewej  Emilia (on the left) – patient at NorthShore University Clinic in Highland Park, IL

Hania Kamyk i Agataka Szczypior Agatka i Haneczka Kamyk, Hania po operacji  IMG_3975  Agata and Hania are patients at NorthShore University Clinic in Highland Park, IL

Marcin, Dawid i Malgosia (1) Marcin, David and Malgosia at Paley’s Institute in West Palm Beach, FL ; Dawid Dawidek - beforeis one of those successful stories that dr. Paley constantly delivers

Dawidek - AfterDawid before treatment             Dawidek z Dr. PaleyDawid after the treatment; here with dr. Paley

FranusFranek      Bakula, Olek -zd 2017Olek