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It was one of those rare moments when literally in a half an hour everything changed. 2 days at friendly Polish Radio Station 1030AM/104.7FM proved that anything and everything is possible. The listeners chipped in with their generous donations that summed up into fantastic number of
!!!!!!!! Quarter of a Million Dollars !!!!!!!, half an hour before the Radiothon’s closing time. And then Marek Rzepkowski called and that call changed everything. On behalf of his dear friend and a great supporter of Foundation’s children, Marek presented his friend’s donation: $120,000! That generous gift changed the final financial result of Radiothon into a whopping !!!!!! 366 thousand dollars !!!!!! !
We are in owe over generosity, compassion and immense support we experienced throughout the time at the radio. With such support we will be able to assist more children than ever! From the bottom of our hearts we thank every one of you for making it possible. Thank you, thank you!!