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Radioton 2021

Radioton 2021 zakonczony. Zebrana kwota to 330 tysiecy dolarow! Dziekujemy z calego serca wszystkim za niezwykle owocne dwa dni. 


🥳 END OF RADIOTON – WE GATHERED OVER 3 ️ Y 3 ️ Y 0 ️ Y THOUSAND DOLLARS 💵 TO HELP FOR SICK KIDS – THANK YOU TO ALL THE LISTENERS AND DONATERS! 🎉🏆 @[285696897869:274:Fundacja Dar Serca] & @[108733799230461:274:Polskie Radio1030 Chicago] Thank you to the staff, volunteers and all people of good will, thanks to you! 🏆🥳 This year’s Radioton took place on February 13 and 14 This is a joint action of Polish Radio 1030 Chicago and the Dar Heart Foundation. We are raising money for seriously ill children from Poland, for whom treatment in the USA is the only chance to recover. You can still call the Foundation (847-671-2711) and help and donate online at if anyone would like to support the Foundation’s activities throughout the year. #Radioton #Radioton2021