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Whether you’re a corporate or individual of the from the Heart Foundation, the facts remain the same – we could not do the work we do without people who care: some donate money, some volunteer their time and talents and some allow our kids to take part in their busy lives.

Thanks to the generosity and dedication of the whole Polish-American community, the foundation’s children could move into the beautiful new Children’s Center in 2009.

Nearly 150 developers, builders and contractors, by numerous sponsors and volunteers, combined their hearts, minds and talents to provide ill and children with a beautiful, modern and comfortable.  To learn more, please this link The Gift from the Heart Children’s Center Builders and Sponsors.


Ania Wojtasik Andrzej Mentel
Wladyslaw Gnarowski aka Pan Wladeczek Marek Jezuit
Zuzanna Gnarowska Anna Elak
Ewa i Marek Kramkowscy Agata Jira-Owczarzak
Ada Kokocinski Stanley Swider
Tadeusz Strek Ela Wosik
Kris (Kryzys) Nyk Alicja Strzelec
Piotr Kaczmarczyk Kinga Nyk
Mariusz Lechowicz Joanna Nyk
Rysia Skirucha

Jessie Krzywon

Zygmunt Jemiolo Zdzislaw Majchrowski